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Banshee Cypher

by Television Rd

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Underneath the rubble, your souls exist Atop the hill to radio wave bliss Broadcasting the screams and wails of ancestors past Chorus: Gives a whole new meaning to the static feedback Bodies rotting under roads paved black Who do you love? And what makes you kill? Broadcasting live from Vision Hill Colonizing coffins, bad neighbours, dream catchers You’ll never know the truth Honestly, can’t we do better? Unfolding the same story forever and ever Chorus The smell of gold in the mist Burial ground without peace They’ll put up some cash and sell you a scene Chorus The spiritual waters are shallow The towers are tall, they say don’t bother But you can, if you try Paving your way, paying your way At the place at the end of the rapids! Forever and ever and ever and ever…
TV PARTY 03:09
Heads up! TV slut Yea, me too! TV til I’m blue Low mood? You need TV food Channel 6, man, fall on my face it is time to do a keg stand Not like High Tide Orgy, Suicide Grandma had a wave to ride But the new ideas have died Dizzy? Get busy! Make love to it. Anything for a hit! I jump up. I strut my stuff TV is vain, we need water it starts to rain but… Not like high tide Wasted, they hide No longer do we ask why So to change we wave goodbye Fresh... Drink up! You're out of luck Succexy, all dead irony It's quick sand, Make-up TV land Call my bluff, The time has come to shut that shit off! Not like high tide Fuck it, I tried Apathy will leave you dry The vain will drown and die The waves are crashing, it's hard to breathe Too much static, can't see my dream I'd die for you, but you just live for the screen
Bruxism 03:03
Open up those droopy eyelids and see them whine She turned to her and asked "girl, what’s on your mind?” The girl was way down, she said “it’s time for a line!” But don’t do lines! Cuz they make your teeth grind Chicken heads and speed freaks out on the prowl Meet me back at the hotel an hour from now You asked me how to get there and I’ll show you how It’s the cat’s meow Don’t be sour DON’T BE SOUR! It’s backwards The dance of the flash floor But it’s time to cut the cord Jump forward. Crump til your ass hurts Wiggle like a worm Bright like a Christmas tree Telly making history
Feeder Road 03:13
Follow you down to your canine pit To the feeding point, that’s when we see it Parallel hearts that rarely meet Not until the feeding point do we touch feet Sometimes on a Saturday night Often the vibe is just right Grab a partner and scan them over Migraine pressure, red rover And the weather is volatile Bask in the glory of the sunshine while you still can Bask in your presence Wait for the light Darling your charm miscarries the night My heels are too tight Wait for the night and… Loosen… The lead up is grueling But it's no one's fault Soon we'll be together The walking dead halt And cry for their mothers You can see them in the stands Conveyor belt congregation A thousand horses dormant and waiting Feed me to your fantasy Line them up for slaughter Molotov birthday party Recess forever Television never Loosen... Eyes on the prize Too busy to realize Empty-hearted, it never started It never will too I've been a fool for you Keep it down, Take a breath, and play that song. to death!
The Squares 05:29
The mad dogs are running free Didn’t understand that we were the normal ones So I guess the meat won Been a thousand years since freedom died No sun today The sunless chapter that no one believes in A mix-matched degenerate army It’s disgusting, kick it around What’s it to me? Something real, something to believe in A paper bag that I can breathe in The reason why the squares are leaving Catch your dream Is she horny? Is she tall? Did she love him and what’s she running from? She knows we want to lynch someone She’s disgusting, kick her around Someone was singing in the background Heads up, the hacks are on the way Take all the bad people up to Springfield Beat them up and chain them to happiness It’s a shame that the squares wrote the blacklist Time for the revolution of the classless Lock it up in case there’s a crash, hun Another bust and it won’t be the last one Catch your dream No sun today Been a thousand years and I’m so tired What’s she running from? I guess they really got me too What’s it to me? Something real, something to believe in Time for the revolution of the classless Someone was singing in the background… Catch your dream
Don’t fret, there’s no glory Everything is temporary This too shall pass Hold the laughing gas Will the sun rise in time? Never be sorry, gurl Hold yer head high Feel your toes in the grass Honeybear, don’t be crass It takes two to fly Ahhhhhh Hula-hoop dream Poem written and performed by Erin McLaughlin: Fall forwards And you're wasted Into oblivion Star speckled face of the universe Fall backwards Towards your fading history Drown in muted memories Or cravings for your earliest life Fall forwards You're sinking into a void Of nothingness of knowlessness It will steal away your sight Trick you into thinking you're getting closer to it The most complex mirage Stretching forward As you chase the end Not realizing that the end Doesn't exist Stand stagnant All is moving quickly still But the quickness is calm Your bare feet steady on a stone in a stream Time and space rushing past you Drenching your skin the hem of your pants Yanking your arms back And arresting you Nothing but darkness ahead of you you're staring into a vacuum Shadowy recollections behind you Diluted images But vivid surrounds you And you realize that time and space Can be redirected Simply by standing still Let nothing remain below you Stand not on the earth but in the stars And be free
Hooked up to the I.V. Honey, quit your starin’ Lost my warmth for the promise of bliss Low hanging fruit you can see in the distance Don’t listen to a half-cocked smile Loose the jacket crocodile Cog of the dark cloud in the end Spread your wings, dissident! Break yourself and start again The night is passing by, my friend I’m not the killing type but your love’s lived past the hype Milked and ostracized You’re the server and the platter of lies Wash your hands, watch it all fall Film plot ending, sneak a peak through the wall Take a step inside this practical home of mine Hook sink and swallow, the bigger the bone the more hollow Break yourself and start again The night is passing by, my friend I’m not the killing type but your love’s lived past the hype Break! Your! Self!
Sweat it Out 05:22
There’s a chemical solution For the nightmare you’ve been living A pill to make the monsters go away A solution to the problem A reboot for your memory Available today Sweat it out, sweat it out! Ahhhhhhh oooooooooo Nerves and muscles tense and slacken Stimulation over coming All the doubts and all the worries as you slip into your skin The past is just a blur And the future is an animal All the blood and sweat and glory, softens skin Sweat it out, sweat it out! Ahhhhhhh oooooooooo Outro


Music and lyrics by Television Rd.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Harley Butt at Acrylic Recording.
Live off the floor.

Sara O. Shahsavari - vocals, percussion, keyboard
Duncan Mackinnon - electric guitar
Jay Mackinnon - bass
Daniel McNally - drum kit
Daniel Collins - keyboard, guitar, melodica, vocals, percussion

Erin McLaughlin - original spoken word poetry (Lavender Town)
Julian Del Bel Belluz - saxophone (Banshee Cypher and Sweat it Out)


At times embracing darker subject matter with a "free-wheeling sense of fun," there's a "gleeful bizarreness" to Television Rd that marks the work of a "band with ambition, playfulness, and a truly unique voice on the Peterborough scene." - Electric City Magazine


"For a young band, the instrumentation is solid. Ostrowska’s deep, sultry voice is perfect for the band’s sound, adding a bit more haunting qualities on the darker tracks and providing that burst of energy during the more upbeat tracks. The next step for them is to achieve a bit of notoriety outside of the hamlet of Peterborough. Get to know this young band, who just might be Canada’s next great export." - The Revue


Watch the video for "Lavender Town" on Exclaim! here:

Check out the videos for "Feeder Road" and "The Squares" as well:


released October 2, 2015


all rights reserved



Television Rd Peterborough, Ontario

TV Rd is an off-kilter rock experiment with a taste for the surreal and a free-wheeling sense of fun

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